we unravel:

Sir David Brailsford said:

"It’s important to understand the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’. Put simply, how small improvements in a number of different aspects of what we do can have a huge impact to the overall performance of the team... If you break everything down involved with riding a bike, and improve it by 1%, there is a significant increase when you put them all together.

This approach can be applied to Sales.

Our White Paper, Aggregation Of Marginal Improvements, highlights:

  • The quality of your selling process governs the quantity of your sales
  • The quality of selling skills governs the quantity of your leads and conversions
  • The quality of your sales management governs the quantity of the business you write
  • Higher quality results in improved revenues, reduced costs and increased profit.

win more sales, win bigger sales, win more profitable sales and win them more quickly

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Improving the quality of the sales process, how this process is managed and giving sales people the right skills and behaviours delivers increases in sales velocity and results