we unravel:

Effective qualification distinguishes the best sales performers and top sales organisations.

Top performers demonstrate the ability to qualify prospective sales opportunities more accurately - and earlier in the sales process - than their colleagues. They focus their energies on the right sort of prospects and in doing so avoid wasting their time (or company resources) on opportunities they are unlikely to win. They have a clear picture of what they need to do, a clear picture of what they want their customers to do. They win the biggest deals. Their forecasts are the most accurate.

Gain a deeper understanding of the true value and purpose of sales qualification.

You will learn:

  • Why qualification is the salespersons most important Time Management tool
  • How Gaining Customer Commitments can Double the Power of your Qualification
  • How Effective Qualification is a Discipline that can be learned
  • How to Measure the Quality of your Pipeline, answering the question "Are we really likely to win?" based on evidence rather than hope or supposition

double the power of qualification -
the history of SCOTSMAN®

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This paper blows the myth that successful qualification is the result of 'instinct'. It analyses the structure and process which underlies qualification practiced by top performers, through the research and thought processes that led to the development of the respected qualification tool